About Us

As you know digital marketing & advertising is a need of every business and it’s grown day by day. It is solely driven only on ethical choices by consumers. However, when it comes to advertising, there is no place for this growing halal market. This is what Halal Ads is all about. Halal Ads is one of the leading free classified websites in the United Kingdom. It’s a digital advertising platform where you can post a free advert and reach to potential customer and Halal Community. We offer better advertisement campaign that is free to help our clients utilize and be effective with the digital benefits. Our free and low-cost adverts services help our potentials customers to save lots of money. At Halal Ads we connect you with the right customers at the right time because your advert is 24/7 on our platform, which will be viewed by thousands of people every day anywhere in the UK.

Why We Plan?

The existing method of promoting were not exceptionally great at sifting flawed advertisements from being appeared to Muslim audience. Muslim customers have certain sensitivities where indeed “brand-safe” advertisements in some cases aren’t suitable for them, and Muslim site owner can’t feel right by earning money by appearing “non-halal” advertisements. On other hand this classified Halal ads site was put together to make the whole finding businesses and items process quite more pleasant than how they usually are. Clearly we think Halal ads is the most excellent commercial centre within the UK advertise and with thousands of buyers, venders and businesses and each day we must be think we are doing something right. With advertisements posted in all corners of the UK for halal business promoting, halal food stuff to deal halal community, property and occupations, it has never been less demanding for our clients to do a bargain with each other. Our objective is straight forward to assist you to promote any halal thing, anyplace, any time and to urge comes about… all for FREE! Yes that’s right… Halal ads is FREE and it continuously will be! Thanks for Reading. We always looking forward to improve our services if you have any suggestion please share with us to help Halal Muslim community.

How it Works

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With few steps create an account with us if you already registered with us just click on the login and insert your username and password.

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After the login just needs to click on the top large button "Post Your Ad" it will take you to the ad posting area fill in the details and post it to get the offers.

Get Offers

To get the best offers to fill your item details with full specification and conditions. Which will get you the right price for your products.

Sell Your Item

Wow Sold It! without charges, commission, or monthly subscription. Really sound good with 3 simple steps take you there to sell more post more.